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Shared HR: The Next Step

The next step is Shared HR Services: partnering with companies to identify technology, services and structure to provide business focus, reduced costs and efficiency. We specialize in delivering exemplary services and outcomes to our clients.  

Payroll Services

Our integrated payroll services are flexible, customized solutions based upon a service first platform: you have an assigned representative that is part of a dedicated team so that you have easy access to a payroll professional.


We provide you with the latest in HCRM employee management tools so the experience is comprehensive and accurate.



We are a Western Colorado based benefits agency offering comprehensive customizable solutions for employers.  Partnering with a Professional Employee Organization offering a complete package of benefits and services designed to allow companies more time to run their businesses and eliminate the administrative burdens that complicate their workday and add stress to their work lives.


Our group benefits are extremely attractive and we are able to offer group medical plans at very competitive rates.

Typical savings are 25-30%.



For more information or to receive an information packet, please call: (970) 216-0571 or fill out the following form.

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